Killing My Sin in 2019

Toward the end of the year, I began to notice a real problem in my life. Many might not even consider this a problem, but for me it is. This has always been a struggle, but it really was starting to get out of hand so much so that I recognized a change needed to be made. I decided extreme measures were necessary.

Called Out for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time to talk about Jesus. People are singing songs about Him. Nativities are everywhere (no matter what you believe about the second commandment). The culture, even if they try not to, has to in some ways acknowledge Christ. Yet often times, Christians can be silent.

Your Political Party Can't Save You

Politics in our country feels heavy—heavier than ever—to the point that many have seemed to make their political identity their religion. Political issue evangelism is rampant. People are being martyred (figuratively) for not being extreme enough. Political parties have become extremely polarized. One quick scroll through a Facebook feed tells the whole story. Sadly, Christians are being sucked in.

The Great Message in Adoption

Last night I had the privilege of sharing the gospel at a correctional boys home. After speaking, I had one boy motion me over toward him. We talked for a bit and he explained to me frustration he felt and loneliness he was experiencing. He told me he had been in 40 or 50 different foster homes before he was finally adopted.


Over the past few days I’ve had a stomach virus. This wasn’t just your average puke once or twice then you’re done stomach virus. This was a multiple day, no relief, please make it stop stomach virus. I want to spare you the gory details and trust me, you’d thank me, but I will say that in the middle of this unrelenting pain that often wouldn’t even allow me to sleep, I began to just beg for some sort of break or semblance of relief. It was terrible.