The Unsaved Christian by Dean Inserra: A Book Review

Living in the Bible belt, this books title immediately grabbed me. There is a lot of Cultural Christianity here. Ministry is really hard because most people would tell you they are saved. That is why chapter one of this book is immediately grabbing for me—Help Them Get Lost. Yes, many people in the area I live need help getting lost so they know that they need to be found. If you’re like me, The Unsaved Christian by Dean Inserra may be just the book you’ve been looking for…

Remaining Faithful in Ministry by John MacArthur: A Book Review

In all likelihood, the ministry God has called me to is very much on the front end. However, I think that is all the more reason to already think about being faithful and finishing well. I would assume that the best people to learn those kinds of lessons from are people who have been in ministry a long time or have already finished well. That is why I’m grateful John MacArthur has written Remaining Faithful in Ministry.

The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down by Albert Mohler: a Book Review

I always feel like I could learn more about prayer. While it is one of the simplest things to do, it can also feel like one of the most difficult. Every now and then—when I am feeling especially lousy in my own prayer life—I will pick up a book about prayer and read it hoping for rejuvenation. Typically, books on prayer are either very motivating or they fall very flat.

Your Calling and God's Will

I think that’s the case for every true follower of Jesus. We want to know God’s will. We want to follow His plan. We want things to go well for us. We want favor and want to operate in the best possible circumstances. Maybe that’s why trying to discern a calling and following God’s will can really stress us out…

The ESV Preaching Bible Review

I’m really excited about the Bible I get to share with you today. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone given the name, but honestly, whether you’re a preacher or not, I think you will really like this Bible. The ESV Preaching Bible from Crossway is what I would almost consider my perfect Bible for preaching

Here and Now by Robby Gallaty: A Book Review

I listen to Robby Gallaty’s Discipleship Podcast pretty regularly, but I had never read a book by him. When the opportunity came to review Here and Now I jumped on it. Gallaty, the senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church, makes the bold claim in this book that heaven is available to us today. He will explain what he means by that audacious statement throughout the book.