A Word of Thanks

If you’ve read my blog, shared a post, or contributed to the conversation then I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Every share is a big deal and the amount of readers that visit my site has steadily increased. I’ve always loved writing and when I set out to do this on a consistent basis I didn’t know if anyone would actually read or care. I’ve truly been humbled by the response I’ve received. Thank you.

Saved to Rebel

In college I lived it up. I’m not proud of the things I did and I honestly wish I could do it over and make a lot of changes. I said all the right things and went to all the right Bible studies, but outside of those things, I didn’t look like a Christian. I looked like a major hypocrite.

Life in Limbo

Last Thursday, our seven week old daughter become inconsolable, very hot, and we could not get her calm for about an hour. After texting our pediatrician and calling the after hours nurse, we were told to head to a pediatric ER that was about an hour away.