Something Needs to Change by David Platt: A Book Review

If you’ve read any of David Platt’s books then typically you know what awaits you. Most likely, you are going to become uncomfortable. You are going to be challenged to your core. You are going to be called to examine whether you really believe what you say you believe when it comes to following Jesus. His newest book, Something Needs to Change is not exception.

Faithful Endurance: A Book Review

Ministry can be filled with many ups and downs. Pastors can face joyful highs and discouraging lows. As a pastor, sometimes it can be easy to feel alone or that you are the only one facing troublesome times. Just like we all do, pastors need community and encouragement. That is why I find Faithful Endurance to be a welcome resource for pastors and shepherds.

The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read by Christopher Ash: a Book Review

Pastors do a lot more than we give them credit for. They do a lot that most of us don’t even know about. It can actually be easy to forget that they’re people who feel all the same emotions we do. We think of pastors as caring for us, but should we be caring for them as well? In The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read Christopher Ash teaches us about pastors and tells us things most pastors would probably be too embarrassed to tell us themselves.

The Gospel-Driven Church by Jared Wilson: a Book Review

To call something “gospel-driven” or “gospel-centered” is trendy these days. Tacking the word gospel onto something has become so common that it has almost lost its meaning. Ask any church member what the word gospel means and I can bet the answers you receive would be far and wide. That’s why we must ask if Jared Wilson’s new book, The Gospel-Driven Church provides clarity in murky water or is it just contributing to the confusion of gospel hype?

1 & 2 Timothy For You by Phillip Jensen: A Book Review

As a pastor, I keep encountering the God’s Word For You series from The Good Book Company. I’ve used a couple different resources in this series as I’ve prepared messages. The more I use them, the more I like them. If you’re not familiar with them, each book is a commentary of a specific book of the Bible. They are written by different authors and they are very applicable.

The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls: A Book Review

If you were to ever wish to learn more about the doctrine of justification, you are in luck. Crossway has just released a massive volume on that very topic. Edited by Matthew Barrett, The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls is a 900 page treatise on the doctrine of justification. Does the church really hinge on this doctrine? Barrett and his contributors would certainly assert so…

Remaining Faithful in Ministry by John MacArthur: A Book Review

In all likelihood, the ministry God has called me to is very much on the front end. However, I think that is all the more reason to already think about being faithful and finishing well. I would assume that the best people to learn those kinds of lessons from are people who have been in ministry a long time or have already finished well. That is why I’m grateful John MacArthur has written Remaining Faithful in Ministry.

Grace Defined and Defended by Kevin DeYoung: A Book Review

I will admit that I didn’t know what I was getting into when I picked up Kevin DeYoung’s newest book, Grace Defined and Defended. Maybe I should’ve read the subtitle, What a 400-Year-Old Confession Teaches Us about Sin, Salvation, and the Sovereignty of God. I wasn’t expecting a history lesson on the Canons of Dort, but that is exactly what I got. Even more so, I needed such a lesson. We all could stand to know more of where Christianity has come from.

Humble Calvinism by J. A. Medders

In the area I live, just the title of this book could set people off. I’m not sure many people wouldn’t even give it a chance, but I gladly write this review saying that this is a book that every single person needs to read. In Humble Calvinism, I think J. A. Medders has written a work that can serve to ease the tension between Calvinists and Arminians or Traditionalists…

Here and Now by Robby Gallaty: A Book Review

I listen to Robby Gallaty’s Discipleship Podcast pretty regularly, but I had never read a book by him. When the opportunity came to review Here and Now I jumped on it. Gallaty, the senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church, makes the bold claim in this book that heaven is available to us today. He will explain what he means by that audacious statement throughout the book.