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The Little Me BIG GOD series by Steph Williams

The Little Me BIG GOD series by Steph Williams


As a dad of two young girls, children’s books have my interest. I’m especially interested in children’s books that help me teach my kids about Jesus. That’s why I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Little Me BIG GOD series of books by Steph Williams. This series contains three books: The Man Who Would Not Be Quiet, Never Too Little, and The Best Thing to Do. Each book tells a story from the Bible on a level that young children can understand.

From the Good Book company’s website:

Stephanie Williams is a writer and illustrator, as well as working as a graphic designer and artistic director for graphic design agency Tiger Finch Creatives, which she founded with her husband, Daniel. She lives with Daniel and their three extremely mischievous little boys in Reading, UK. She loves philosophy and apologetics, and enjoys putting the Bible into everyday language through stories, articles, or quirky animations for social media. She grew up in Asia and loves being part of international projects around the world through her graphic design work. In her spare time she enjoys helping out at school and assisting the boys with their weird and wonderful artistic creations.

As stated earlier, each book tells a biblical story. The Man Who Would Not Be Quiet tells the story we often refer to as Blind Bartimaeus. Never Too Little is from Mark 10:13-16 where Jesus famously says, “Let the little children come to me.” The Best Thing to Do features Mary and Martha when Mary was spending time with Jesus while Martha was trying to do all the work. 

Given Williams’s background, I’m assuming she illustrated these books and I can’t find any information stating otherwise. That is what pops to me about these books. The stories are a great and biblical, but I love her illustrations. They’re colorful, fun, and Williams has a great style when it comes to drawing characters. When you’re creating books for kids they better be engaging and these certainly are.

I also love that each book has a section in the back called “Notes for grown-ups.” This is a really neat feature that I think is great for children’s books based on the Bible. Right next to those notes you will find the Scripture the story is adapted from. The Good Book Company’s website says these books target children from ages 2-4, but I think kids that are older will enjoy them as well.

Typically, I find that even as a grown-up I enjoy and benefit from Bible stories told in this way and I appreciate writers who can articulate familiar biblical stories on a simple level that really make the truths in the stories impactful. Steph Williams has succeeded in doing this both in her writing and her illustration. If you have young children, you and they will both really enjoy these books!

You can find all three books on Amazon:

Never Too Little

The Man Who Would Not Be Quiet

The Best Thing to Do

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of these books from The Good Book Company in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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