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Here and Now by Robby Gallaty: A Book Review

I listen to Robby Gallaty’s Discipleship Podcast pretty regularly, but I had never read a book by him. When the opportunity came to review Here and Now I jumped on it. Gallaty, the senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church, makes the bold claim in this book that heaven is available to us today. He will explain what he means by that audacious statement throughout the book.

The Pleasures of God by John Piper

I can remember being in my parents basement and waking up in the floor in the middle of the night with Desiring God still open because I had fallen asleep reading so late. The truth that my main purpose was to glorify God and enjoy Him forever captivated me.

Even Better Than Eden: A Book Review

People can have a tendency to see the Bible as a disjointed collection of books and stories. Even more so, people tend to separate the Old and New Testaments going so far as to say there is almost a different God between the two or that God really changed once Jesus showed up. That's why I think Nancy Guthrie's new book, Even Better Than Eden is a valuable resource that most Christians need to take the time to read.