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The Sin of More

We just wrapped up the Christmas season and many of us were blessed to receive many nice things. How did getting those new things make you feel? Maybe you were filled with joy and excitement unwrapping those gifts; maybe you were filled with disappointment at not getting what you hoped you would receive. Maybe, by now, the newness of those things has worn off, the high of new stuff has faded, and you are thinking about more. This is how it works. No matter how much we get, we want more.

Why Theology Matters

If you're around me long enough then you will inevitably hear me say the phrase, "Theology matters." Theology is one of those big words people hear and probably don't pay much attention to, but simply put it's the study of God or what people think about God. If you've ever thought about whom God is or what He's like then you've been a theologian in the loose sense of the word.