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Ten Quotes from "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul

Ten Quotes from "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul


I'd always heard that if you were going to read one book by R.C. Sproul, "The Holiness of God" was the one. I just recently acquired a copy and read it and wanted to share a few quotes with you that I particularly enjoyed from the book.

"God's kingdom will never come where His name is not considered holy."

"In fact, the more faithful preachers are to the Word of God in their preaching, the more liable they are to the charge of hypocrisy. Why? Because the more faithful people are to the Word of God, the higher the message is they will preach."

"God is the ultimate object of our xenophobia. He is the ultimate stranger. He is the ultimate foreigner. He is holy, and we are not."

"Jesus was different. He possessed an awesome otherness. He was the supreme mysterious stranger. He made people uncomfortable."

"The logic of the Bible is this: since no one has a perfect heart, no one does a perfect deed."

"Astonishing grace? I will say it again. The Old Testament list of capital crimes represents a massive reduction of the original list. It is an astonishing measure of grace. The Old Testament record is chiefly a record of the grace of God."

"God would be perfectly just to allow me to be thrown in prison for life for a crime I didn't commit. I may be innocent before other people, but I am guilty before God."

"We may wrestle with the Holy One. Indeed, for the transforming power of God to change our lives, we must wrestle with Him."

"If we are unconverted, one thing is absolutely certain: We hate God."

"If God were to expose His life to our hands, He would not be safe for a second. We would not ignore Him; we would destroy Him. This charge may seem extravagant and irresponsible until we examine once more the record of what happened when God did appear in Christ. Christ was not simply killed. He was murdered by malicious people."

"The Holiness of God" is a great treasure that Dr. Sproul has left behind to increase our fear of the Lord and our praise to Him. I'd encourage every Christian to read this work at some point. May our reverence to God ever increase.

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