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Just Serve

The impressive thing was that he didn’t stop there even though he could’ve. He did dishes at the camp cafe. He served food and drinks at the shack late at night. He served students with conversations all throughout the day and he served the staff of Crossings. This guy was the embodiment of serving and no job was too small for him. He could’ve just taught because that’s why he was there, but he led by example and I was incredibly impressed.

When God Takes Our Delight

I love my wife and my child more than anything else on this planet. They give me such joy and I would be devastated to lose them. If I'm honest with you, I think at times I fail at striking the right balance between them and God. At times, I put them in the place He deserves. I treasure the gift more than the Giver. The Bible calls this idolatry and we are all subject to it. 

Cling to Christ

Life is hard. I’ve heard several things people are going through in the past several days and all I can think is that life is hard. Difficult, painful, and tragic things happen to all of us. If they have not happened yet, they surely will. Some of them are self-induced. Other things we will fall victim to. Either way, we will encounter hard things.

Why the Nashville Statement is Loving

If you've been on any social media whatsoever, you've probably heard about something called the Nashville Statement. It has seemingly been a very controversial, polarizing statement made by many evangelical leaders concerning God's design for men, women, relationships, and marriage. There have been people on all sides (including evangelicalism) condemning those who have signed the statement and one of the biggest outcries is that this statement does not represent Jesus at all and is very unloving.

Why Theology Matters

If you're around me long enough then you will inevitably hear me say the phrase, "Theology matters." Theology is one of those big words people hear and probably don't pay much attention to, but simply put it's the study of God or what people think about God. If you've ever thought about whom God is or what He's like then you've been a theologian in the loose sense of the word.