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10 Things I Thought Watching the Saints Get Robbed by the Refs for the Third Game in a Row

The Saints fought a disheartening battle against the Rams yesterday. It’s now coming out that Brees is going to have surgery on his thumb and will miss six more weeks. If the loss of our quarterback wasn’t enough, we also had to endure another terrible call against us by the referees when they blew a play dead that should’ve been allowed to play on costing the Saints at least six and most likely seven points. All that being said, here are ten things I thought during the game yesterday…

10 Things I Thought After Seeing the Saints Get Robbed

Sunday evening I was running a student ministry event so I didn’t end up getting to watch the Saints game. I usually try to avoid the score and watch the game later, but I ended up finding out the result and hearing about the devastating loss. I really believed we were going to the Superbowl this year and my mind has been everywhere since. Here are some things I’ve thought since in trying to process this brutal loss.