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10 Things I Thought After Seeing the Saints Get Robbed

10 Things I Thought After Seeing the Saints Get Robbed

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Sunday evening I was running a student ministry event so I didn’t end up getting to watch the Saints game. I usually try to avoid the score and watch the game later, but I ended up finding out the result and hearing about the devastating loss. I really believed we were going to the Superbowl this year and my mind has been everywhere since. Here are some things I’ve thought since in trying to process this brutal loss.

  1. I am so angry. How could a referee possibly miss such an obvious call? We were robbed!

  2. The NFL is rigged. I’m done with this. They hate Sean Payton and they hate the Saints.

  3. I am so glad I didn’t stay up half the night to have to see that ending. (Trying to be positive)

  4. I am so angry! What do I do with all of this emotion!? I feel like Bruce Banner trying to hold in the Hulk.

  5. The NFL has said they messed up and are going to issue a public apology. An apology doesn’t fix anything! We don’t want an apology! We want to go to the Super Bowl!

  6. Drew Brees is the GOAT and he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves because he hasn’t won a second ring. How can you win a second ring when you’re playing against the refs?

  7. It would have been so sweet to win a Superbowl in Atlanta’s stadium. I can’t believe we were so close!

  8. I thought I didn’t care this much about sports! It’s just a game! (trying to talk myself down)

  9. They should have won the game before it ever came to this.

  10. Should I watch the whole game or just move on?

Sports are fun. We cheer, talk trash, and wear the colors of our team. But I’m always trying to remember it’s just a game and there are many more important things in life. I have realized that I probably have more passion when it comes to the Saints than any other sports team and so a ridiculous post like this can help me process and move on.

Literally between the Saints losing and the time of writing this post I heard about two different friends losing loved ones and another couple I’m friends with being in the ER because of a scary situation. Sports aren’t life and we must keep that in perspective. Let’s place our emotions where they truly belong and show people the love we’ve been shown in Jesus.

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