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Where's Your Head At?

I'd been encouraged to enjoy some fictional reading this summer and thought that sounded like a fun idea. However, I've had a lot of limited time to read lately so I thought this might best be accomplished through audio book. One book I decided might be good to read was Stephen King's It. Quite frankly, I don't enjoy scary movies, but many students in my youth group raved about it when it was released. I thought it might be good for me to know about it and that the book sounded like a safer way to experience King's tale. Boy, was I wrong.

Your Calling and God's Will

I think that’s the case for every true follower of Jesus. We want to know God’s will. We want to follow His plan. We want things to go well for us. We want favor and want to operate in the best possible circumstances. Maybe that’s why trying to discern a calling and following God’s will can really stress us out…

Pastors are Sinners Too

Do people have a perfect picture of pastors in their heads? I’m not sure, but I do know that pastors need grace, love, and mercy from their congregation just as much as any member. Congregations expecting perfection from their pastors will be let down.

Saved to Rebel

In college I lived it up. I’m not proud of the things I did and I honestly wish I could do it over and make a lot of changes. I said all the right things and went to all the right Bible studies, but outside of those things, I didn’t look like a Christian. I looked like a major hypocrite.

Life in Limbo

Last Thursday, our seven week old daughter become inconsolable, very hot, and we could not get her calm for about an hour. After texting our pediatrician and calling the after hours nurse, we were told to head to a pediatric ER that was about an hour away.