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Your Political Party Can't Save You

Politics in our country feels heavy—heavier than ever—to the point that many have seemed to make their political identity their religion. Political issue evangelism is rampant. People are being martyred (figuratively) for not being extreme enough. Political parties have become extremely polarized. One quick scroll through a Facebook feed tells the whole story. Sadly, Christians are being sucked in.

Obsessed with Royalty

Last week the Royal Wedding took place. Whether you cared or not, it was all over social media. There were posts by people on both sides. Some were gushing and some were mocking. There were those debating about the details that went into it. Some thought it was elegantly simple and others thought it was simply horrific (I only know these things because of conversations I overheard by others). 

Pitino, Sin, and Me

Let me start by saying I'm a Kentucky fan through and through. I bleed blue. The next best thing to a Kentucky win is a Louisville loss. I don't like Rick Pitino and if I'm honest I've probably enjoyed seeing Louisville spiral into a train wreck a little too much, which is why what I'm about to say is necessary.