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Are You Religious?

One thing people may or may not know about me is that I'm introverted. I am probably not on the "super extreme happy to be alone in a room for a month" side of introversion, but I am at least on the "I've been hanging out with people for three hours and if I don't get alone soon I'm gonna stroke out" side of introversion. Hanging out is work and I'm much happier to keep to myself than strike up a conversation with a stranger. 

The Roll of the Dice

A recent conversation got me thinking about the sovereignty of God. In church you'll hear people say things like, "Well, God is sovereign." or "God is in control.", but just how in control is He? How much do the people saying that believe it? Does He care about things like the shirt I wear today or what I order for lunch or even what number turns up when I roll the dice? How much control does God have?