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To Treasure Christ

Life on earth is a gift. It can be such a good gift at times that we lose focus on our true treasure. We can get caught up in relationships, the things of the world, and our own agenda. These things, while good blessings, are not to be our true focus. Jesus is our treasure.

The Pleasures of God by John Piper

I can remember being in my parents basement and waking up in the floor in the middle of the night with Desiring God still open because I had fallen asleep reading so late. The truth that my main purpose was to glorify God and enjoy Him forever captivated me.

God's Grace in Your Birthplace

How humbling is it to think that you didn't choose anything about yourself at the beginning of life? You didn't choose your hair color, eye color, nose shape, or the size of your ears. Even more than that, you didn't choose the country, city, or even the family you were born into. All of these things were given to you by God.

Food, Comfort, and the Gospel

It happened again. I found myself eating until I was too full. I found myself eating when I wasn't hungry. I found myself eating because I was stressed. I found myself eating because it tasted good and I just wanted to experience a little bit of comfort. 

Grace and Gratitude

The question I want to pose is why do you behave morally? There is no doubt that for some the reward of heaven is what motivates them to try and obey God. For others, it is the fear of hell. In fact, I think for many years I called myself a Christian and tried to obey God because I didn't want to go to hell. 

Preaching to Ourselves

Have you ever just felt dry? The gospel is the good news of what Jesus did for us, in fact, it's the best news. But, if I'm honest, I can just feel dry at times. I can lose my joy. The gospel can grow cold and stale. The problem here is not with the message, it is with my heart.