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4 Ways to Press In When You Don't Have Much to Give

4 Ways to Press In When You Don't Have Much to Give


Life moves at a frantic pace in our culture. Simply put, people are busy. At times, we can be too busy for our own good. Other times, it isn’t our choice to have such busyness, but it is thrust upon us for one reason or another. We can often use this busyness as an excuse for neglecting what should be our first priority— cultivating a relationship with Jesus.

My daughter is seven weeks old. To help my wife during her day of keeping a 7 week old and energetic two year old, I try and take a shift when the baby wakes up in the night. Some nights are better than others. But some days I feel as though I’m walking around in a fog or that my head is empty with a little white sign that says, “space for rent.”

Some days it feels like I just can’t press in to that relationship with Jesus. It feels as if I don’t have much to give. Let me share with you four ways to press in when you feel like you don’t have much there.

Ask for Help

Prayer can become routine. We can pray the same things over and over to where it feels like it’s habit instead of a real relationship with the Lord. Some of my most raw, honest, and original prayers to God come when I feel like I don’t have much in the tank. He already knows so why not be real with Him? Spill your guts to God and ask for His help. Tell Him where you are and I bet you may be surprised at the sweet communion that raw honesty brings.

Just Read Something

Maybe you don’t have the mental focus to read a whole chapter in the Bible. Maybe you don’t have the mental focus for a whole paragraph. Read a verse or two and think about it. Come back to it. Write it down even. There’s an old saying that goes, “Something is better than nothing.” This is especially true for the Bible because it is literally God’s words. We are told it’s living and active. Trust that when you give something, God can use it to work on you no matter where you are mentally.


The YouVersion Bible app that you can get on your phone has an option where you can have the Bible read to you out loud in the translation of your choice. If you just can’t keep your eyes open then press in with your ears. If you have no time because of your commute then redeem your time while you drive. Turn that puppy on and soak in the word of God. Technology can be a beautiful thing.

Try Again

Maybe you’ve been so inconsistent that you’ve just given up. You’ve just accepted that you can’t give what it takes to have a relationship with the Lord during this season of life. It’s time to reject those thoughts and try again. Every day is a brand new start so if at first you don’t succeed—don’t get discouraged—try, try again.


When you feel like there’s nothing left, don’t stop. When you feel like you can’t give, give just a little more. Let these four things encourage you and help you. The good news is that God is rich in mercy and grace and that when we give a little, He is sure to give much more. Press in and don’t lose heart.

“I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” - Psalm 34:4

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