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To Treasure Christ

Life on earth is a gift. It can be such a good gift at times that we lose focus on our true treasure. We can get caught up in relationships, the things of the world, and our own agenda. These things, while good blessings, are not to be our true focus. Jesus is our treasure.

Suffering (On Purpose) for God's Glory

Not many of us like to think about suffering. When we do suffer we try to end that process as quickly as we possibly can. It makes sense, right? It's uncomfortable and downright painful at times to experience suffering. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to be comfortable. However, when we examine what is said in the Bible, we can't get around the fact that it makes plain that Christians will suffer.

One Shining Moment

When we boil it down to it's foundation, we all have the same story. We were dead in our sins. God made us alive together with Christ because He is rich in mercy and loved us with a great love. We all look forward to that "one shining moment" when we will see our Savior face to face and worship Him because of His immeasurable grace toward us. May Christ receive all glory, honor, and praise!

Sermon on 1 Peter 4

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching 1 Peter chapter 4 to my home church. In this chapter, Peter makes it clear that we are to glorify God in every aspect of our lives and he especially deals with the topic of suffering for following Christ. If you'd like to give it a listen, I've shared it below.

Obsessed with Royalty

Last week the Royal Wedding took place. Whether you cared or not, it was all over social media. There were posts by people on both sides. Some were gushing and some were mocking. There were those debating about the details that went into it. Some thought it was elegantly simple and others thought it was simply horrific (I only know these things because of conversations I overheard by others). 

Unwavering Hope Amidst Terror

I walked through the halls of a middle school in my town this morning overhearing bits and pieces of conversations among students. I heard words like "threat", "guns", and "shooting". I was stopped and questioned by a principal and police officer before I ever got close to the door. Parents are losing their minds on social media. One thing I'm not hearing communicated: hope.

Life is Short

As my age increases, my realization of the brevity of life increases. I've been married five years now, I'm in the third decade of life, and I have a daughter who's speedy growth continually reminds me that every moment is precious. The older I get, the more I feel the brevity of life and how fleeting the things we chase after are.

Why We Need Community

There are specific points in my life that I can point you to where I don't know what I would have done without Christian community. The regular routine of doing life with other likeminded believers has profoundly changed and shaped my life. Moving to a city where I knew no one, losing my first child, and having my first child are all huge times in my life where I've had the joy of people being the hands and feet of Jesus to me.

Pitino, Sin, and Me

Let me start by saying I'm a Kentucky fan through and through. I bleed blue. The next best thing to a Kentucky win is a Louisville loss. I don't like Rick Pitino and if I'm honest I've probably enjoyed seeing Louisville spiral into a train wreck a little too much, which is why what I'm about to say is necessary. 

In my ripe old age I've noticed that trends seem to come and go in Christianity. Certain buzz words pop up and start getting used frequently then after awhile the next new thing comes along. When I was in college it was small groups or even house churches. You saw many people talking about how to do groups or how we needed to go back to what things were in Acts. Now the trend I see buzzing is discipleship.