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Jesus, Zombieland, and The Walking Dead

Zombie movies and shows fascinate me. I’m honestly not sure the allure, but I enjoy them for some odd reason. I enjoy comedies so I saw Zombieland several times. I was hooked on The Walking Dead for quite a while. The one that really freaked me out was World War Z. When you take Zombies and make them fast then you have a truly scary combination…

3 Instagram Traps I Fall Into

Over the weekend, my family and I went to a nice, little town in Tennessee for a birthday celebration. It wasn’t a perfect trip, but no trip ever is. We had a good time. We visited a pumpkin patch and ate a lot of good food. We stayed in a really nice house. Naturally, we documented all of this with pictures and several of them ended up on Instagram….

Don't Perish on Your Platform

When I lived in New Orleans, I was filled with excitement for all the new things I was experiencing. It was my first time living in a city. It was my first time to move somewhere and literally know no one. It was also my first time to ever get to truly choose my own church…

Simultaneously Justified and Sinner

I sinned today. I sinned yesterday. I will sin tomorrow. As I grow older, I become more and more aware of just how much I need God’s grace and need the Holy Spirit to keep me. I become more aware of the depravity I was rescued from and just how deeply it penetrates my very nature. I will never graduate from being a sinner in this life.

Killing My Sin in 2019

Toward the end of the year, I began to notice a real problem in my life. Many might not even consider this a problem, but for me it is. This has always been a struggle, but it really was starting to get out of hand so much so that I recognized a change needed to be made. I decided extreme measures were necessary.

The Sin of More

We just wrapped up the Christmas season and many of us were blessed to receive many nice things. How did getting those new things make you feel? Maybe you were filled with joy and excitement unwrapping those gifts; maybe you were filled with disappointment at not getting what you hoped you would receive. Maybe, by now, the newness of those things has worn off, the high of new stuff has faded, and you are thinking about more. This is how it works. No matter how much we get, we want more.