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3 Reminders from the Rain

It’s been an extremely wet winter in Kentucky—not snow—rain. Just when you think the rain is over, it starts again. It recently has started flooding. We’re over-saturated. People have been making memes, jokes, and threats to move. God promised to never destroy humanity again by flooding the earth, but He didn’t make any promises about Kentucky.

Comfort in Chaos

In these moments of life where we're not sure which direction is up, we can feel scared, worried, or discouraged. We can feel ready to give up. It's in these moments where we need to realize that we as Christians have reason to take heart. We have good reason to hold fast and stand strong.

Suffering (On Purpose) for God's Glory

Not many of us like to think about suffering. When we do suffer we try to end that process as quickly as we possibly can. It makes sense, right? It's uncomfortable and downright painful at times to experience suffering. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to be comfortable. However, when we examine what is said in the Bible, we can't get around the fact that it makes plain that Christians will suffer.

Which Brother are You?

Most people are familiar with "The Parable of the Prodigal Son." We don't often realize though that Jesus didn't name the parable. Really, we should call this the parable of the prodigal sons or the parable of the loving father. Either way, I think we all relate to either one son or the other.

Meditate, Gaze, and Wonder at the Majesty of God

Lately, I have been thinking about day to day life and the sovereignty of God. I'm on year 31 of my life and God has kept me safe by in large. When I drive in a metal box down the interstate somewhere between 75-80 miles per hour with other metal boxes all around me and I arrive to my destination safely, that is reason for amazement. When I go thousands of miles somewhere in a metal tube that logically has no business being in the air, that is reason for wonder.

When God Takes Our Delight

I love my wife and my child more than anything else on this planet. They give me such joy and I would be devastated to lose them. If I'm honest with you, I think at times I fail at striking the right balance between them and God. At times, I put them in the place He deserves. I treasure the gift more than the Giver. The Bible calls this idolatry and we are all subject to it. 

Unwavering Hope Amidst Terror

I walked through the halls of a middle school in my town this morning overhearing bits and pieces of conversations among students. I heard words like "threat", "guns", and "shooting". I was stopped and questioned by a principal and police officer before I ever got close to the door. Parents are losing their minds on social media. One thing I'm not hearing communicated: hope.

Life is Short

As my age increases, my realization of the brevity of life increases. I've been married five years now, I'm in the third decade of life, and I have a daughter who's speedy growth continually reminds me that every moment is precious. The older I get, the more I feel the brevity of life and how fleeting the things we chase after are.