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Simultaneously Justified and Sinner

I sinned today. I sinned yesterday. I will sin tomorrow. As I grow older, I become more and more aware of just how much I need God’s grace and need the Holy Spirit to keep me. I become more aware of the depravity I was rescued from and just how deeply it penetrates my very nature. I will never graduate from being a sinner in this life.

To Treasure Christ

Life on earth is a gift. It can be such a good gift at times that we lose focus on our true treasure. We can get caught up in relationships, the things of the world, and our own agenda. These things, while good blessings, are not to be our true focus. Jesus is our treasure.

Called Out for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time to talk about Jesus. People are singing songs about Him. Nativities are everywhere (no matter what you believe about the second commandment). The culture, even if they try not to, has to in some ways acknowledge Christ. Yet often times, Christians can be silent.

Jesus is the Hero

Heroes fight for us (humanity) and we feel like they represent us. When they triumph, we triumph. When they emerge victorious, so do we. I imagine this is why hero movies can keep coming out and people keep going to see them in droves. Heroes resonate with our hearts.

Suffering (On Purpose) for God's Glory

Not many of us like to think about suffering. When we do suffer we try to end that process as quickly as we possibly can. It makes sense, right? It's uncomfortable and downright painful at times to experience suffering. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to be comfortable. However, when we examine what is said in the Bible, we can't get around the fact that it makes plain that Christians will suffer.

One Shining Moment

When we boil it down to it's foundation, we all have the same story. We were dead in our sins. God made us alive together with Christ because He is rich in mercy and loved us with a great love. We all look forward to that "one shining moment" when we will see our Savior face to face and worship Him because of His immeasurable grace toward us. May Christ receive all glory, honor, and praise!