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New York is the New Murder Capital

At this point it has well been reported that New York has passed a bill that will allow the murder of babies as long as they’re in the womb. One month or nine months makes no difference to them. They are no longer trying to hide the fact that they are ok with the killing of babies so long as they aren’t outside of the womb.

Life is Short

As my age increases, my realization of the brevity of life increases. I've been married five years now, I'm in the third decade of life, and I have a daughter who's speedy growth continually reminds me that every moment is precious. The older I get, the more I feel the brevity of life and how fleeting the things we chase after are.

Cling to Christ

Life is hard. I’ve heard several things people are going through in the past several days and all I can think is that life is hard. Difficult, painful, and tragic things happen to all of us. If they have not happened yet, they surely will. Some of them are self-induced. Other things we will fall victim to. Either way, we will encounter hard things.

Pitino, Sin, and Me

Let me start by saying I'm a Kentucky fan through and through. I bleed blue. The next best thing to a Kentucky win is a Louisville loss. I don't like Rick Pitino and if I'm honest I've probably enjoyed seeing Louisville spiral into a train wreck a little too much, which is why what I'm about to say is necessary. 

Why the Nashville Statement is Loving

If you've been on any social media whatsoever, you've probably heard about something called the Nashville Statement. It has seemingly been a very controversial, polarizing statement made by many evangelical leaders concerning God's design for men, women, relationships, and marriage. There have been people on all sides (including evangelicalism) condemning those who have signed the statement and one of the biggest outcries is that this statement does not represent Jesus at all and is very unloving.

Why Theology Matters

If you're around me long enough then you will inevitably hear me say the phrase, "Theology matters." Theology is one of those big words people hear and probably don't pay much attention to, but simply put it's the study of God or what people think about God. If you've ever thought about whom God is or what He's like then you've been a theologian in the loose sense of the word.

In my ripe old age I've noticed that trends seem to come and go in Christianity. Certain buzz words pop up and start getting used frequently then after awhile the next new thing comes along. When I was in college it was small groups or even house churches. You saw many people talking about how to do groups or how we needed to go back to what things were in Acts. Now the trend I see buzzing is discipleship. 

I just recently preached a message to my students called, “David, Not the King You’re Looking For.” We talked about whom David was, the things he did, and why he was so loved. We also talked about how imperfect he was and how if he was the one we put our hope in then we would all be let down.

Joy Deferred

The past two months have been a blur. They have been filled with ups, downs, laughter, tears, many doctors appointments, many hours awake, and a little girl I couldn’t trade for the world. Charis Emery was born to us two months ago and we love her more than words could express. She has something called laryngomalacia (la-ring-o-mah-lay-sha), which most people have never heard of. It causes Charis to have a hard time eating and breathing at the same time. It also causes a lot of crying and a whole lot of missed sleep. It has been trying, but most of all for me it has been revealing.

In Memory of Pa

I was privileged to get to read this at my grandpa's funeral yesterday and I thought I would share it here as well. It is encouragement to me to live a life worth talking about.