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The ESV Prayer Bible Review

Prayer changes things. Namely, prayer has a profound and supernatural way of changing us. Prayer can be incredibly simple, but given the nature of it, can be hard to understand or master. That’s why I’m so excited about The ESV Prayer Bible from Crossway.

5 Important Things to Pray for Your Spouse

When Rachel and I were newly married with no kids, we'd go out on a date together every week. It was a great time for fun, laughter, romance, and intentional conversation. Being a pastor, I enjoy talking about theology and I'd often bring it up and talk with her about different things on our dates. However, I quickly found out that we had some sharp disagreements on some things and I'd usually press the issue too far and make her mad.

3 Tips for Private Worship

This may sound strange, but Sunday mornings when I drive alone to church are some of my favorite times. It is not that I don’t love my family. I always value time with my family and often my wife and I get to have more pointed, intentional conversation when we are in the car together because our kids are strapped down in car seats. Sunday mornings can be hectic at our house if we’re not careful.

Jesus Over Everything

If you knew the things I think about, you'd probably be scared. I have a really random brain. A journey through my brain is probably similar to getting lost on Youtube. One minute you're watching a video about how to fix something you broke and then the next thing you know you've somehow found your way to watching rappers rap with and without autotune. My brain bounces from thought to thought and before I know it, I'm thinking about completely ridiculous things.