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Fear or Faith?

I’m going to be more vulnerable today than I want to be. This is because I think this topic demands it. I want to talk about fear—namely, one of my biggest fears. One of my biggest fears, if I’m not careful, can move from fear to dread. It is something that is inevitable. What I fear will happen one day. It may be 20 years from now or it could be tomorrow, but it is coming.

A Warning To Those Who Love Theology

In Christianity, there can be different focuses when it comes to how we express our faith and ourselves. There are those who love to serve others and be involved with helping and missions. There are those who are passionate about evangelism and/or discipleship. There are also some who love learning, studying, and theology. Most likely many are a blend of these things. 

Stay Hitched to the Old Testament

It's recently come up that the Old Testament is something Christians shouldn't worry about or be too concerned with. It was said that really what makes Christianity is Jesus and His death and resurrection. The Old Testament was for the Jews. We've got Jesus! Why worry about it?

Why the Nashville Statement is Loving

If you've been on any social media whatsoever, you've probably heard about something called the Nashville Statement. It has seemingly been a very controversial, polarizing statement made by many evangelical leaders concerning God's design for men, women, relationships, and marriage. There have been people on all sides (including evangelicalism) condemning those who have signed the statement and one of the biggest outcries is that this statement does not represent Jesus at all and is very unloving.

Why Theology Matters

If you're around me long enough then you will inevitably hear me say the phrase, "Theology matters." Theology is one of those big words people hear and probably don't pay much attention to, but simply put it's the study of God or what people think about God. If you've ever thought about whom God is or what He's like then you've been a theologian in the loose sense of the word.

The Roll of the Dice

A recent conversation got me thinking about the sovereignty of God. In church you'll hear people say things like, "Well, God is sovereign." or "God is in control.", but just how in control is He? How much do the people saying that believe it? Does He care about things like the shirt I wear today or what I order for lunch or even what number turns up when I roll the dice? How much control does God have?

I just recently preached a message to my students called, “David, Not the King You’re Looking For.” We talked about whom David was, the things he did, and why he was so loved. We also talked about how imperfect he was and how if he was the one we put our hope in then we would all be let down.