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Love Your Kids Enough To...

Two weeks ago we talked about embracing the awkward when it comes to discipling your kids, especially if they’re older and you’ve never done it before. Last week we talked about having spiritual conversations and using teachable moments. Those things can at times feel awkward enough, but this week we want to really embrace it—and I think this a must. As a parent, you need to love your kids enough to…

Life in Limbo

Last Thursday, our seven week old daughter become inconsolable, very hot, and we could not get her calm for about an hour. After texting our pediatrician and calling the after hours nurse, we were told to head to a pediatric ER that was about an hour away.

Four Easy Ways to Disciple Your Kids

Kids who grow up in Christian homes are blessed because they have parents who love Jesus and can show them what it means to love and follow Jesus. In fact, the Bible says that parents are supposed to be the primary teachers and disciplers of their children. If we're honest though, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Below are four easy ways to start intentionally teaching your kids about following Christ.